Wait and See
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Monkey having a break
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Nature

How was your last vacation? Two thousand kilometers in ten days? Four countries in three weeks? Whole Latin America in a month?

“I want to experience as much as possible”, that’s what is also often in my mind. But I started to realize that to achieve this, you don’t need to run faster. It’s the contrary. You need to force yourself to slow down. Slow down drastically. Remembering some of the most exciting adventures, encounters and experiences: they mostly started while I was waiting somewhere. Waiting for the bus, waiting for better weather or simply just while having a break.

“I will just sit down and wait until something happens” – I guess that’s what the monkey from Naivasha (Kenya) thought. And he was right! I came around :-).

So remember the monkey when you are walking with your backpack somewhere next time and simply sit down to wait and see.

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