Monumental Revival

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Wild West - USA
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Nature

It has been long, very long since the last post appeared on Many things happened in between, among them a change of home base from Dubai to Mexico.

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Shark Attack

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Shark above your head
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Nature

I shot a shark. Well… a photo of a shark in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta (USA).

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Beyond the Clouds

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Above clouds
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Moments

For a big part of last week, this is how I saw the world: from above.

Dubai-Washington D.C.- Dallas and the same route back within 7 days is definitely not a usual week. When I was flying over this beautiful carpet of clouds I wondered how they form. After a bit of reading: the ones in the picture probably happen to be¬†fair weather¬†cumulus clouds which generally come with good weather. They have a flat basis, don’t grow very tall and rising air makes flying below them rather turbulent (as you can see, it was not the case during my flight). This is also the kind of cloud that imaginative people can see all kinds of familiar shapes in (dogs, cats, elephants, faces,…) and that painters often capture on canvas when painting landscapes.

Their massive appearance early in the morning was a reliable sign that parts of Tennessee (USA) probably still saw some thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening of that day.

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