Shark Attack
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Shark above your head
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Nature

I shot a shark. Well… a photo of a shark in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta (USA).

Did you know that between 1580 and 2011 only 471 deathly casualties of shark attacks have been recorded. This would mean less than 1 person per year on average. Whatever statistics you look at, the chances of being attacked, let even be killed is ridiculously small. But if you still have a bad feeling looking at the photo, let me direct your fear to 5 things which are way more lethal:

1) Texting kills more than 6000 people every year. ;-) & lol behind the wheel…

2) Falling out of bed kills 450 people in US alone. I wish you sweet dreams…

3) Deers jumping infront of cars cause more than 130 casualties every year. And Bambi is so cute…

4) Again in the US: 30 people killed by dogs. But the children love Rocky…

5) Five people die in roller coasters annually. Don’t be such a chicken…

By the way: 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year. How sad is that?

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