Santa in Nepal
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Santa in Nepal
Posted by: Michael | Categories: People

Whether you have been there or you heard it from others, without a doubt Nepal is one of the most photogenic countries you can travel to. Beside unique sceneries you pass by tracking through the mountains, especially the people make this part of the world a very special one.

This year I have been in Kathmandu (Nepal) for the second time and well prepared to meet fascinating individuals. But who would have thought that: I met Santa Claus! Early April he was still recuperating from the festive season, sitting relaxed in the shade and watching the world go by. We chatted a bit about the usual topics. You know, about the job, our favorite places on earth, how much we love to travel, his reindeers and his home (North Pole) which he was missing a bit. I wonder where he is right now…

I wish you all Merry Christmas!

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