Lady in Gansu Province – aging like the rest of China
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Tibetan old women
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When the lady, strolling through a tiny town in Gansu Province (China), had the age of her grandson, more than 40 percent of all Chinese were younger than 20 years. Chinese fertility was falling already by then, but the famous “one child policy” accelerated the trend from 1979 onwards. In a few years almost every fourth Chinese will be as old as the lady on the photo. Is China getting old before it is getting (really) rich?

And the little boy? By the time he is old enough to think about marriage, family and kids he will probably join a fight with his friends: in 20 years’ time, there will not be enough native brides for about a fifth of today’s boys. Maybe he will visit Estonia or Latvia – countries with more women than man, who knows… List of countries by sex ratio

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