Moyale Manicure
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Advertisement for Beauty Salon in Kenya
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You are beautiful. Don’t you love to hear this sentence?

The secret of beauty and attractiveness has been a quest of humans for as long as we have been civilized. Women (and also men) spend a significant amount of their time and money on looking good. While standards of beauty have changed over time and every culture has its own ideal of beauty, there are commonalities. Like symmetrical faces, certain body proportions and other attributes which are signs of health and youth. But if you think about the amazing creativity around beauty in different parts of the world, you realize how subjective and sometimes funny the whole topic often is.

Women in parts of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos put so many rings around their neck that it is stretched, leading to the nickname “Giraffe Women”. Hair and faces get colored,  bodies around the world are tattooed with often dodgy messages, pictures or designs. In some countries obesity is desirable and girls go to “fattening farms” while in many parts of the western world generations seem to keep inventing always new diet approaches & products. Some African tribes stretch their lips with large plates, while thousands of women undergo surgery to alter the size of their breasts, waists, noses and lips somewhere else.

Can you imagine Pamela Anderson running down a sandy beach while her mouth-plate is bouncing up and down? Neither the beautiful kids in the picture – playing in Moyale/Kenya, while the cosmetic industry is simply exploding in their country.

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One Response to "Moyale Manicure"

  1. McClurkan

    Pamela Anderson is still considered to be the hottest girl out there. Ages with beauty!

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