Happy New Year 2012
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Happy New Year 2012
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Three, two, one – happy New Year 2012.

I happened to be in Abu Dhabi (UAE), among thousands of fans at the Coldplay concert during this unique moment of the year. Well, maybe not that unique, as with a little bit of traveling around the world everyone is able to celebrate the first day of the year well over forty times in the coming months.

In two weeks you could already join the party for the Eastern Orthodox New Year (14th of January). If this is too early for you, New Year celebrations in China start on January 23rd this year. With the year of the dragon coming up, the party surely will be huge. In March you could celebrate the start of the year in Bali and Iran; in April Nepal and several parts of India could be great destinations to celebrate the new year. Latest when you browse through the linked Wikipedia article that even in the western culture it was only relatively recently that 1st of January became the first day of the year.

Anyhow, happy New Year!

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