(Everyone Is) One of a Kind
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School Parade
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Isn’t it funny – on one hand, we learn in very early years of our lives that every single person in the world is unique. It still impresses me that there are not two people on this planet who have the same finger prints. We are taught to cherish the differences in character, humor, thoughts, and appearance. And, honestly, for me it is these differences that make life wonderfully exciting.

Yet on the other hand, we learn order and how to fit into a collective. You may think that this primarily applies to communist countries, e.g. North Korea with its massive public celebrations, or the military, but it is not only there. I watched the Olympic synchronized swimming where a team loses points for every ‘individual’ move. Even in schools, like here in Santiago¬†Atitlan¬†(Guatemala), young kids have to march as an anonymous piece in a bigger puzzle – that is something I saw a lot in Asia and Latin America.

I bet the little boy is lost in his own very individual thoughts though.

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  1. 10/08/2012

    Wow, i love that photo!

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