Ethiopian Beauty
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Hamer women in Ethiopia
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If you want to get an impression of Africa as it may once have been, Ethiopia is one of the few places left for you to go.

The country is home to more than 50 different tribes. Many of them live in the southwestern part, the so called Omo River valley. That is also home to this beautiful and self-confident young lady. Her tribe, the Hamer, has a population of only about 43,000 people who are famous for their remarkable hairstyles. The women mix together ochre, water and a binding resin, rub the mixture into their hair, then twist strands again and again to create coppery-colloured tresses. Beautiful like the rest of their body decoration and the people themselves.

Hamer are also known for one of the most exotic and brutal initiation rites – the bull jumping ceremony. It involves the brutal whipping of female relatives of teenage boys with the aim to get as many scars on the women’s back as possible.



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4 Responses to "Ethiopian Beauty"

  1. 20/02/2012

    This is beautiful. I love everything about it, the colors her expression, the angle, the textures, th empty sky, everything! Beautiful.

    • 20/02/2012

      Hi Abra,
      thanks. Have you been to Ethiopia?
      For me it was one of the most exciting trips and I am seriously thinking of goign back. A saw a lot of the South but the whole northern part of the country is still there for me to explore.

  2. Andrey

    Hi,Michael.Are you traveling with one lens or keep in bag a few.Do you know one for all-purpose lens with excellent quality or prefer 2 or 3?Thank,s

    • 29/04/2012

      Hi Andrew, when I started I only had a small camera. By now I am traveling with an EOS 50D and 3 lenses. It’s quite a pain (and weight) but right now it seems worth it to me. Sorry, I can’t recomend a specific all-purpose lens, but I am sure I could reduce from 3 to 2 lenses with some investment. Where are you traveling next to?

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