Classy Cuba
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Oldtimer in Cuba
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Cars are probably the most valuable luxury items in Cuba.

Up until the revolution in 1960, Cuba was the largest importer of American cars, mostly the huge ones that so many of us look back on today as a romantic relic of the past. After the embargo, Cuba has had cars from other countries: Russian Ladas, modern Peugeots and Kias now outnumber the 1950s classics, but, for the most part, they are owned by the state and cannot be sold on the free market. However, with an announcement by President Raul Castro few weeks back, the strict rules are going to be relaxed a bit, and Cubans will now have the right to buy and sell cars made after 1959.

No matter how those announcements change the car fleet driving through Havannas streets, it’s almost certain that Cubans know that vintage cars, like the one parking in Santiago (Cuba) will stay one of the most valuable luxury items going forward. Classic cars of Cuba

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