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Spider in Thailand
Posted by: Michael | Categories: Nature

There are some creatures everyone likes – honeybees, butterflies, ladybirds, but others have a bad reputation. Spiders belong to them. As I am personally more afraid of frogs (believe it or not), I can only guess why many of you might have some difficulties in appreciating the picture of this post. Maybe its the unusual shape of the animal, the long legs and the movements which often seem to be unpredictable which scare people and make them report to have seen spiders of double the size they actually were.

I read that there are over 50,000 species of spiders described out of which about 160 produce venom, which is significant for humans. So although the one I photographed in Koh Mook (Thailand) was huge, it’s unlikely that it was dangerous. In any case, wherever you are right now, it’s safe to enjoy the shot.

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2 Responses to "Arachnophobia"

  1. Melissa Fowler

    Spiders are NOT insects.

    • 15/11/2013

      Ups. You are right Melissa. My mistake and updated the post already. Thanks.

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