Africa Goes Mobile
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Houses in Accra
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Every fifth person on earth lives in Africa, the continent that is going mobile in a speed which lets the others look like turtles.

Already today there are more than 640 million mobile phone users in Africa – more than in Europe or North America. Paying with mobile money has been completely normal to Kenyans for years, receiving a diagnosis from a doctor on your handset is maybe your only chance if walking to the next city takes days. Some countries skip fixed lines all together, so millions of Africans own mobile phones without having known or used a landline in their lives.

“Africa Goes Mobile” is also visible wherever you go. The days seem gone when you spotted houses painted with “Coca Cola” or “Omo” slogans. Like here in Accra (Ghana) the usual suspects for the questionable practice of urban beautification are mobile operators like Zain, Vodafone, MTN (yellow-painted building) and others.

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