7/3 for Mao?
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Last week I visited a traditional courtyard house somewhere in the Beijing’s Hutong (China). There I saw what you see on the picture above: a historic poster of Mao Zedong above a beautifully decorated table resembling almost a shrine for worship.

Although I don’t know enough about the details of China’s history of the past one hundred years, I wondered how the majority of the Chinese people feels about Mao. The current boom and fast progress of China in the past years on it’s journey to dominate the world economy on the one hand, on the other hand huge famine and millions who died and suffered during the era of the cultural revolution.

It is said, that when Mao Zedong was asked about his personal view he apparently gave himself a 7/3 score, i.e., he thought he had done more good than bad to Chinese people in his lifetime with a ratio of 7 to 3. Please comment and share your personal view and insight on this topic, I am really curious.

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