3 Memories of Bogota
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Plaza de Armas (Bogota)
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Two weeks back I have been to Bogota (Colombia). It’s a fascinating city and as I only had a vague and maybe distorted imagination of the place, it was a place full of surprises. Here three of the many I took as memories with me:

1) You may know that Bogota is located on very high altitude. Actually, it is the 3rd highest capital in the world (2,580 meters above sea level). I found it funny that citizens pride them selves to live in one of the few places in the world where neither air-condition nor heaters are needed. (Ok, you need to be able to bare 16 degrees Celsius or less inside your house in winter…)

2) Bogota is widely known to have one of the clearest and most neutral Spanish accents in the world. “Bogotanos” are also famous for their politeness & friendliness – even compared to other latin countries. From the first moment at the immigration (quite a contrast to what you experience in Riyadh) you realize this and the friendly greetings, chats and best wishes in taxis, restaurants or during the rides in any elevator will stay in your memory after you have been there.

3) The gold museum! It is only the second museum I’ve mentioned on my blog so far (the other one was in South Africa) and it is truly fascinating. Since I have been there I am way more conscious how dominant “metals & things made out of them” are in our daily life (from earrings to airplanes). Beside this, the countless masterpieces of pure gold on display in Bogota are simply breath taking.


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